Monday, July 1, 2013


Well  Gomez-Peer is not the  only one that has paid me so far.. Gomez Peer, for years has paid to my PayPal account .  I stopped using Z-barre.  Still using Rublik,  as well as Digital Generation.  And Digital has just paid me...quick and easy to my Payza account.  That's 2 programs so far that's paid.  Well there is a banner but its has the "https" so was trying to figure out hoe to place it.  any ideas are welcome.

  I logged in at Z*barre account 4 yes, three times asking support to make me understand why.. Why when I went and converted my 5100 z points I had earned having their bar on my desk top that the conversion to currency was ZERO and my z points were now gone?  I believe the final answer was I needed to upgrade...wasn't going to do that.  If you are on my PC and hours and hours....I believe I should be paid as a  free member first  before I decide to upgrade.  And Z-barre hasn't returned my points's all good and they are no longer on my screen.

  I am still running Rublik and  of course Gomez-Peer, as well   as 20Dollars to Surf  and "Digital Generation, which has just paid me.

Gomez-Peer, my little "earnings box", is what I call it, has been paying me for years!

To get your own, just click the banner above, follow the instructions, download the "earnings box" and dadaa, you have the box that sits on your 'puter.  Once your account goes from "pending" to "active", that's when you'll start earning. On "Options" I minimize the window (why I call it my earnings box).

If you don't want to look at it, you have the option to minimize it down to your task-bar on your computer screen( the little dash "-").  Very easy to earn!

And now a new earnings box called RublikThis One is from Russia [I believe], and has Pay-pal, (banner is above, on the blog itself, if you don't have  a pay-pal account) also among other pay processors, which is very nice.  I have been paid by them as well.  Same thing you did with Gomez-Peer: follow the instructions, including downloading the box and you're done.  Their banner, however, doesn't seem to work.  And I also been having a problem getting on their site as well as contacting them.  Will update when there's a change.

  Same thing, if you don't want it on your screen, just click on the dash sign to minimize it.  Just click the banner and your on your way to having another "earnings box", heehee on your 'puter.  I think they are the cuter ways to earn!

Another box to earn from is this one, minimum payout is $20, which hasn't paid me.  I have had over 20 dollars since August, 2013. When contacting the admin, was told the payment goes thru the next month, for me,, that would be September, 2013.  I haven't seen a payment yet.  so if you had joined and from what I read in the forum,  this program takes up too a year to pay your first $20 payment.  SO DON'T JOIN!

All of the above just sit on your screen and earn or minimize them to your task bar.  Either way they are free to join!

Another new program box to earn from is   ViewAndEarn 
Sits on your screen this one you cannot shrink down but its small enough not to notice. View & Earn

Sunday, June 23, 2013

3 AM A RebmeM Of...... All Paying

Free to join....Prizes, Badges..Games,
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These two, you buy ad packs and earn-both are paying! 
This in pre-launch:

And this...The beginning

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This is Very Kewl

A truly different concept in advertising
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

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